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Training Schedule 


  •  Monday 4.30pm @ Georges Heights 

  • Tuesday 4.15pm @ Georges Heights 

  • Wednesday 5-6pm @ Narrabeen Track 

  • Thursday 4.45pm @ Griffith Park (Collaroy)

  • Friday 4.30pm @ Narra lake or Lionel Watts Oval 

  • Sat Curl Curl parkrun at 7am or track/x-country race 

  • Sunday 4pm @ Georges Heights 



SAA goal is to create Australia’s leading junior pathway with a turn key model which helps juniors achieve their personal goals from improved health and fitness through to Olympic representation.

In the Sydney Athletics Academy Junior pathway, athletes have the option of  different levelled squads to ensure optimal performance. Our academy squads are competitive with the aim of reaching state/national level.

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